Operation Wing


The Government of Pakistan had launched the National Drainage Programme (NDP) in January 1998 which was undertaken to address the problems of Irrigation and Drainage infrastructure. The overall NDP Umbrella Project (Phase-1) was approved by ECNEC on May 26, 1997 for Rs. 31,400 million (equivalent to US$ 785 million). The project envisaged foreign assistance of US$ 525 million (IDA US$ 285 million, ADB US$ 140 million and JBIC US$ 100 million). The Sindh share was Rs. 12,612 million (approx. US$ 300 million). The completion period of the NDP-1 Project was 6 ½ years ending on June 30, 3004 , which was extended up to December 31, 2004 . Most of the activities / sub-projects of NDP Sindh portfolio were funded by the IDA and since the loan closing date for IDA was December 31, 2004 therefore the works and consultancy services had to be suspended. Pursuant to the withdrawal of the IDA, a meeting on the reprogramming of NDP was held under the Chairmanship of Secretary, Ministry of Water and Power on January 28, 2005 to discuss and finalize a viable strategy for alternate financing the balance works under NDP. Funding arrangement was agreed that GOP will provide funds fir Investment Component (100%) . Reforms and Coordination supervision by Provinces (100%) and Engineering Design Consultants charges 50% GOP and 50 % Provinces .