Operation Wing

Federal Flood Commission prepared Second Flood Protection Sector Project in 1997. MOU was signed by economic Affairs Division with Asian Development Bank on July 11, 1997 . Cost of the project was Rs. 8000 million with ADB share Rs. 4000 and JBIC share Rs. 2000 million.

Second Flood Protection Sector Project was approved by ECNEC on January 22, 1998 costing Rs. 8000 million. Loan Agreement was singed with Asian Development Bank on February 10, 1999 . JBIC withdrew the loan offer.

The Cabinet approved Reformulated Second Flood Protection Sector project for sum of Rs. 4614.387 million with 75% ADB Share & 25% GoP Share.

Asian Development Bank suspended loan in July 2001 which was restored in October 2001.

Under the loan agreement Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority (SIDA) was the authorized nominee for the implementation of the project in Sindh Province .

Managing Director SIDA was Provincial Project Co-ordinator.

In compliance of Federal Project Steering constituted for overall project co-ordination and inspection & review of the schemes by representatives of 5 corps Engineers, the revised list of 22 schemes was proposed at the cost of Rs. 1226.00 million for Sindh Province .

22 schemes costing Rs. 1226 million, were included in the reformulated project for province of Sindh . Out of these, 14 schemes were the left over works of First Flood Sector Project. These schemes were included as core sub-project in SFPSP while 8 new schemes were added in this program. The schemes included;

• 14 Core Sub-Projects Guddu Sukkur reach.

• 5 schemes upstream Guddu Barrage.

• 2 schemes Hill torrent area Dadu District.

• 1 scheme Thatta Sijawal Bridge .

2 schemes were dropped, 1 scheme LM Bund due to community concern and other scheme Flow Centralization at Thatta Sijawal Bridge was reviewed by the consultants and was returned with the observation that it needed model study for improvement of the design.

PDWP, Scrutinizing Committee of Federal Flood Commission, Islamabad cleared 20 schemes including two schemes of FP Bund & Gaj Diversion Bund costing more that Rs. 100 million were cleared by CDWP & ECNEC.

Tendering Process was done in Engineers 5 Corps HQ Karachi.

20 sub projects (23 Contracts) were awarded with total contract cost of Rs. 1123.831 million.

Physical work of all the schemes completed upto June 2006.

Total Value of work done for all 20 sub projects (23 Contracts) is Rs. 1106.906 million.


Operation Section responsibilities were;

• Co-ordination with Chief Engineers Irrigation & Power Department and Director Ghotki Feeder Canal AWB.

• Co-ordination with Federal Flood Commission, Irrigation & Power Department, Planning & Development Department and Chief Engineers Irrigation;

• Preparation of PC-Is of the schemes.

• Clearance of schemes from consultants.

• Approval of schemes from PDWP, P&D Department.

• Approval of the schemes from Federal Flood Commission.

• Attending Progress Review Meetings at Federal Flood Commission, Ministry of Water & Power.

• Interaction with Asian Development Bank Review Missions.

• Monitoring progress of the works through Review meeting, Monthly progress Report.


Schemes (Completed)