Farmer Organization

Objective: Farmer Organization (FOs) are legal entities as defined under SWMO 2002. The SWMO 2002 assigns crucial functions in irrigation management to FOs formed at the distributary /minor level -- the point where water control lies in Pakistan 's irrigation system. It empowers them to receive water from AWBs, operate and maintain the parts of the irrigation system conferred on them to ensure efficient and equitable distribution of water including small and tail end farmers, to supply non-agricultural users and to guarantee drinking water; operate and maintain the parts of the drainage system conferred on them; carry out flood protection and maintain infrastructure within their command area; and advise Local Councils on any matter strategic or tactical, related to its role and functions.

The FOs would collect abiana (water charges) and other dues, if any, from the water users and users of the drainage systems, including the costs charged for supply of irrigation water and conveyance and/or disposal of drainage effluent by the AWB and SIDA and surcharge for late payment on such dues and other charges. FOs have the authority to reduce irrigation water supply services to watercourse associations upon non-payment by one or more of its water users of due water charges. The FOs would pay 60% of their revenue target to the AWB and would retain 40% of the collected revenue for O&M of the system under their jurisdiction.