The wing is headed by Mr. Muhammad Ehsan Leghari, General Manager R&D. This wing will undertake the tasks related to environment, research and policy & planning studies and research programmes related with integrated water management, control of water logging and salinity, prevention of sea-intrusion, water distribution during drought, etc. The environmental specialist (DGM R&D) would be integral part of the wing. In case of absence of GM R&D, the ES/DGM R&D of the wing would act as acting GM and head the wing. Currently the wing has also set up an Environmental Management Unit to address the environmental concerns. Under the WSIP project, and as per WSIP ISEA recommendations, the Environmental Management and Social Development Cell (SDC) of SIDA would be strengthened in order to support implementation of EMF/EMPs under the project and also to improve SIDA's capacity in planning and development and operation of water resources management systems with proper consideration to environmental and social issues and participation of stakeholders in order to make water systems sustainable in the long run and generate higher benefits.




1 Research & Development Section Established – October 2002.

2 There are seven Positions in R&D Section

3 Except GM (R&D), rests are vacant.

4 Focal Person for Sindh Province in RAC.


Technical Committee of Sindh on Research, Planning & Policy Studies.

Secretary IPD is the Chairman & Managing Director SIDA is the Secretary .


2 Drainage Master Plan.

3 National Water Policy.

4 Over 50 Research Studies under NDP. Coordinate with various organizations.