Social Development Cell

The Social Development Cell has been established in SIDA Secretariat under the supervision of Ms. Farzana Abbasi, Social Development Specialist (SDS). The Cell has been strengthened after hiring of Social Development Team, approved by Govt. of Sindh under NDP Credit funds. This team primarily consists of three main coordinators in the field of Social Mobilization, Monitoring & Evaluation and Gender; and Media & Communication. The Social Development Team would contribute in strengthening the reform process in the water sector of Sindh province.


Objectives and Activities of Social Development Cell

Promote farmers' participation in institutional reforms in irrigation & drainage system.

Coordinate with legal, other experts and officials in technical and operational aspects Facilitate gender participation in the institutional reforms in irrigation and drainage.

Disseminate accurate information regarding the project's objectives, polices, and programs to stakeholders.

Publish newsletter and develop written material for promotion of institutional reforms.

Provide assistance to existing Farmers Organizations. Arrange press briefing, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Design, develop and highlight role of women in water management Assess the capacity of FOs formed/registered and recommend them for management transfer (IDMT)