The Environment Management Unit (EMU) has been established under National Drainage Program since 2004 It was decided that under the WSIP Project Environmental Management and Social Development Cell (SDC) of SIDA would be strengthened in order to support implementation of Social and EMF/EMPs under the project and also to improve SIDA's capacity in planning, development and operation of water resources management systems with proper consideration to environmental and social issues and participation of stakeholders in order to make water system sustainable in the long run and generate higher benefits.

In this connection, EMU has been strengthened by supporting seven additional professional positions of Deputy Director EMU, Environmental Specialist, Ecologist, Hydrologist, Sociologist/Participation Specialist and two Environmental Inspectors.

The EMU is responsible for environmental and social assessment of the investments, assisting in designing investments in a participatory way incorporating social and environmental issues, and monitoring the long term as well as during construction impact of major investments in the province. The EMU WSIP and Social Units would work closely with PICs to ensure that EMF/EMPs and RPs are prepared and implemented properly.

The EMU -WSIP was initially working under the General Manager (R&D), however, in the interest of Authority/Project it has been decided that EMU-WSIP will work under the Project Director. Accordingly, EMU-WSIP staff of SIDA has been placed under the administrative control of the Project Director WSIP from 08 th June, 2010.