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Sindh Irrigation And Drainage Authority

Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority (SIDA) is an autonomous organization, taking over the Sindh irrigation and drainage system from the Sindh Irrigation and Power Department. It was established in 1997, an innovative act to devolve power in the water sector. Read more ..


Sindh Irrigation And Drainage Authority

Image descriptionThe mission is to provide for the establishment on long term, sustainable and participatory basis, of public system for the distribution and delivery of irrigation water, the removal of drainage water and management of flood waters, which are transparent, accountable, efficient and operating to standards agreed with and acceptable to users, its clients, communities and stakeholders. SIDA will ensure equitable distribution of irrigation water will improve water management in Sindh and will act as a prime agent of change management.
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SIDA is committed to promote sustainable development and improved quality of life in Sindh, through integrated water management & participatory irrigating system.                   Read more »


SIDA guiding values are a commitment towards particular behavior and attitudes to be demonstrated by management of staff at all levels and experienced by them, the clients and stakeholders.


This is the second training which is series of trainings to be held under ADP scheme # 1011 (2020-21)

Engineer Abdul Basit Soomro, Chairman SIDA said that SIDA has taken important step towards the capacity building of young professional engineers working with Government departments as well as the fresh graduates. During his visit of training he further said SIDA will provide all technical trainings at office & in field with practical so that young engineers may understand the filed issues. Mr. Pritam Das Managing Director of SIDA has inaugurated the training program on first day, he said Government of Sindh has approved a ADP scheme # 1011 (2020-21) with the title “ Training of engineers for Employment in private sector” . Sindh Irrigation and drainage authority SIDA  is executing  this scheme. He added Under this scheme more than 4000 engineers shall be provided opportunities of learning, capacity building , skill development and developing linkages with local and international job markets through diversified avenues . MD SIDA said the scheme intends to develop the potential of fresh as well as engineers working with various government departments and institutions through Internship programs & apprenticeship, programs, Courses for engineers through distance learning program, Short courses and technical, training programs, Courses to develop behavioral changes and market required skills, Entrepreneurial and startup funding avenues, Linkage development with Overseas employment, opportunities, Institutional strengthening of irrigation department, Post Covid-19 specific training for engineers.  Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Ujjan, General Manager Transition said this scheme will create an opportunity for fresh as well as engineers working with public and private sector entities to learn new skill and adjust their technical knowhow as per the current market demands. Further he said the training events shall be organized through reputable Public and private Universities, institutions of learnings and experts of the respective fields. During training three days lectures carried out by Professors from Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam & field work session facilitated by Engineers of SIDA from Operation wing.

 Training attended by participants from Irrigation, SIDA, Area Water Boards, Works & Services, WAPDA and other departments.

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