News & Events   (21-11-23) INAUGURAL CEREMONY ON CANAL MODERNIZATION   |     (07-09-23) 57th SIDA Board meeting held at SIDA secretariat Hyderabad, chaired by Mr. Kabool khatian Chairman SIDA   |     (08-08-23) Sindh Govt. has appointed Mr. Kabool Muhammad Khatian as Chairman SIDA   |     THREE DAYS TRAINING ON GIS FROM FEB 8-10, 2023 AT SIDA SECRETARIAT   |     (10-01-23) SWAT project launching ceremony held at SIDA Office today   |     (10-01-23) The representatives of World Bank, FAO, Abadgar Board, PCMU, Agriculture Dept and SIDA attended the event. (Details on FB Page)   |     (15-12-22) Delegation from Holland comprised on Mr. Ele Jan Saaf Water & Environment Specialist and Mr. Yasir Farooqui visited SIDA office and hold meeting with SIDA Management.   |     (15-12-22) Mr. Pritam Das MD SIDA & Mr. Jai Ram Motwani General Manager Operation briefed delegation regarding flood situation. (Details on official FB Page)   |     SIDA TEAM VISITED PIDA OFFICE FOR E-AABIANA SYSTEM   |     (14-02-22) Health insurance card distribution ceremony at SIDA secreteriat   |     (10-01-22) SIDA ORGANIZED 5 DAYS TRAINING FOR ENGINEERS OF IRRIGATION & OTHER DEPARTMENTS ON “SURVEYING & LEVELING” FROM 3RD TO 7TH JANUARY 2021 AT SIDA   |     THREE DAYS RESIDENTIAL TRAINING   |     (30-03-2019) Chairman SIDA Engr. Abdul Basit Soomro hold meeting with World Bank Team Task Leader Mr. Toro Kinoshi   |     Detail news on SIDA Official Facebook Page   |     (21-03-19) Chairman SIDA Engr. Abdul Basit Soomro has constituted a committee to redressal the issues of growers / Abadgars of District Badin.   |     The Committee headed by Mr. Idress Rajput, Water Expert.   |     Further detailed News visit SIDA Official Facebook Page   |     (05-03-19) Chairman SIDA Engr. Abdul Basit Soomro preside International Conference On Water Scarcity and Sustainable Agriculture @ Shah Addul Latif University Khairpur.   |     Mr. Soomro meets with Ms. Parveen Shah, Chancellor SAL University Khairpur in her office today.   |     Detail news on SIDA Official Facebook Page   |     (28-02-2019) SIDA Chairman Engr. Abdul Basit Soomro visited the Advance Studies PAK-US Center @ Mehran University Jamshoro.   |     Project Director of the center and Academic Member of SIDA Board Dr. Bakshal K Lashari brief the Chairman SIDA about the center.   |     Mr. Soomro also visited the Laboratory of the center   |     detail news on SIDA Official Facebook Page   |     The agenda of meeting was on the issues, concerns, problems and complaints of Abadgars and Water Users of AWBs especially Water Shortage in tail areas.   |     47TH, ONE DAY TRAINING OF FO LBCAWB SHEIKHANI MINOR, PANDHI WAH & BULRI MINOR   |     46TH ONE DAY TRAINING OF FOS NCAWB NABISAR MINOR, SANWARI MINOR & RAHMOR MINOR   |     45th One Day Training of FOs GFCAWB   |     44th Training Report   |     43rd Training Report of Ghotki   |     42nd Training Report Badin   |     40 thTraining for FO Shah Wah, Jarki and Dokia minor   |     41st Training Report of ALI Bahar, Punjtana & Gaja Minor Badin   |     One Day Training for FO Dhilyar, Bugti and Bhiro minor   |     One Day Training for FO Duthro-1, Duthro-11 and Kunro minor   |     RESETTLEMENT ACTION PLAN (RAP) CONTRACT WSIP/B1/LB/01   |     RESETTLEMENT ACTION PLAN (RAP) CONTRACT WSIP/B1/NC/03    |     RESETTLEMENT ACTION PLAN (RAP) CONTRACT WSIP/B1/GF/01   |     37TH ONE DAY TRAINING OF FOS LBCAWB VEHRAE, ALI WAH LARGE, MITHNA, GANJ BAHER, C-POINT, KUMBHARO, PADHER & MEHRAB MINOR   |     36TH ONE DAY TRAINING OF EIGHT FOS NARA CANAL AREA WATER BOARD   |     35TH ONE DAY TRAINING OF FO DILWARO, SAEED KHAN, ISLAM, JADO, SHER ALI, JERWAR & JINDO MINORS, GFCAWB   |     CAUTION FOR ABADGAR OF NARA CANAL AREA WATER BOARD   |     TRAINING REPORT ON MORAL MOTIVATION 17-18 March 2016.pdf   |     Training Report 23 Feb 2016 Panjtana Minor LBCAWB   |     STATUS OF THREE MAJOR CONTRACTS UNDER ADDITIONAL FINANCING OF WSIP   |