Operation Wing

The wing is headed by General Manager Operation and would undertake all matters related with irrigation, drainage and flood protection. The wing play important role in undertaking investment and capital works to modernize the system and assist FO and AWBs in such investment and rehabilitation activity and participatory irrigation management. It is to be hoped that sooner or later the barrages will be transferred to SIDA. The management and regulations of barrage would also be dealt by Operations wing. The wing will have key professionals i.e. Deputy Directors (DGM) engineering in drainage and capital works, Deputy Director (DGM) Irrigation & Flood Protection and the Assistant Directors. However, under the scheme a position of Project Planning Consultant has been introduced to raise the capacity of SIDA in project management including preparation, implementation, M&E, etc.

Role and Responsibilities of Operation Section as per Sindh Water Management Ordinance – 2002.

Operation & Maintenance

• Subject to provisions agreed with the Indus River System Authority, to receive Irrigation Water of the Barrages within the Province and/ or from the inter-Provincial/ link canals and deliver the same in agreed quantities to the various AWBs, FOs or, as the case may be to other agricultural users, local Councils, industries or wetlands, guaranteeing the minimum discharge below Kotri Barrage to prevent sea water intrusion, in the manner and on the terms and conditions as may be negotiated between the SIDA and the parties concerned and to convey the same to the sea;

• To maintain the irrigation, drainage and flood protection infrastructure located within its territorial jurisdiction;

• To levy and collect irrigation and drainage service fees, rates or cess and surcharge for late payment on such fees, rates or cess outside the areas of jurisdiction of AWBs and FOs, as prescribed by the SIDA.

• To recover any amount payable to the SIDA under this Ordinance in accordance with prescribed terms and conditions, or as arrears of land revenue under the provisions of the Sindh Land Revenue Act, 1976.

Capital Project and Schemes:

• In consultation with the various stakeholders, to plan, design, construct / improve to the irrigation and drainage system, storage reservoirs and flood protection infrastructure including development work for irrigation of land.