Environmental & Social  Management Frame Work for Sindh Water & Agriculture Transformation (SWAT) Project


Sindh Water and Agriculture Transformation (SWAT) is the proposed project by the Government of Sindh for the World Bank funding. The objective of the SWAT is to boost the rural economy and promote sound water resources management for agricultural development, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. The SWAT supports a series of investments to increase agricultural productivity in selected Farmer Organizations of three Area Water Boards of Ghotki, Nara and Left Bank Canals and improve the institutional framework for water resources management and rehabilitation of the Akram Wah Canal.  The Project Coordination & Monitoring Unit (PCMU)  of the Planning and Development (P&D) Department is preparing the project in coordination with the ‘Agriculture, Supply and Prices Department’ and ‘Irrigation Department’ supported by SIDA.


A team of environmental and social consultants are carrying out the environmental and social assessment of the SWAT and prepared a draft Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF). The draft ESMF is available from the following link for public review. As part of this study and in accordance with the World Bank Operational Policy 4.01, the Implementing Agencies of the SWAT are soliciting input and feedback from various stakeholders on the draft ESMF. The readers are requested to submit their comments to Mr. Abdul Basit, Deputy Director Environment, PCMU (email: before 31st August 2021.

ES of SMRP AK Sindhi version final

ES of SMRP AK Urdu version

ES of RPF SWAT Sindhi version FINAL

ES of RPF SWAT urdu version

ESIA of Akram Wah Oct12 final

SWAT RPF Oct 2022 final

Executive Summary of ESMF SWAT Oct 2022 final

ES of ESIA of Akram Wah Oct 2022

AK SMRP Oct 2022 Revised final

Sindhi Executive Summary ESIA Akram WAh

Sindhi version executive summary ESMF Swat

Urdu version of Executive Summary ESIA Akram WAh

Urdu version of Executive summary ESMF SWAT

Executive Summary of ESMF SWAT OCT-22

ES of ESIA of Akram Wah October-22



ES of ESIA of Akram Wah_April_15_2022

Executive Summary of ESMF SWAT_April 22