SIDA Board

The SIDA Board is responsible for taking the decisions with regard to strategies and policies. All major decisions are taken by the SIDA Board, such as

bullet The annual business plan and the annual budget
bullet The annual report and the annual accounts
bullet Guidelines and regulations concerning finances and accounting, human resources management, internal business procedures etc.
bullet Major investments

Entering into new obligations, such as new tasks.

The Board consists of a Chairman and eventually 12 members


Name Designation
Engr. Abdul Basit Soomro Chairman

Mr. Malik Asrar Hussain

ACS (Dev.), P&D Department - Member SIDA Board

Secretary, Irrigation Department - Member SIDA Board
Mr. Naveed Kamran Baloch Secretary, Finance Department - Member SIDA Board
Brig. ® Maula Bux Talpur Farmer Representative from Left Bank Canal AWB,
Kotri Barrage- Member SIDA Board
Mr. Agha Jan Akhtar Secretary, Agriculture Department - Member SIDA Board
Mr. Ali Muhammad alias Akbar Marri Farmer Representative from Nara Canal AWB,
Sukkur Barrage Region- Member SIDA Board
Mr. Shafqat Shah Sukkur Barrage Region- Member SIDA Board
Mr. Anwar Talpur Sukkur Barrage Region- Member SIDA Board
Mr. Mumtaz Shah Farmer Representative from Ghotki Feeder Canal AWB
Guddu Barrage - Member SIDA Board
Dr. Buxal Khan Lashari, (Irrigation) Director Institute of Irrigation & Drainge, MUET (Jamshoro)
Prof. Abdul Rasheed Memon (Environment) Director Institute of Environmental Studies, MUET (Jamshoro)
Mr. Muhammad Ehsan Leghari
Project Coordinator - WSIP
Mr. Wali Muhammad Naich

Managing Director (SIDA) - Secretary SIDA Board