Charter of Duties :

(A) Technical Assistance:

  • i. In the implementation of the Environmental Management Program (EMPs) and Resettlement Action Plans for WSIP

  • ii. Address environmental concerns such as National Water Policy, Water for Drinking and Sanitation, Water for Industry and Water for Environment, Wetlands and Recreation.

  • iii. Address to Water Sector Environmental issues in National Environmental Policy by maintaining close liaison with Ministry of Environment.

(B) Coordination:

  • i. Liaison & Coordination with Sindh EPA, Wildlife Department, IP&D including World Bank for development and clearance of EMPs/ SMPs.

  • ii. To execute the EMP and RAP tasks in a harmonized manner and resolve their conflicts.

  • iii. Create awareness regarding water pollution, depletion and conservation issues in the public/private sector, FOs and general masses.

  • iv. Provide regular training for capacity building of SIDA, AWB, FOs and IPD and other personnel.

  • v. Organize seminars and workshops to reveal the efforts and progress achieved by the EMUs in implementation of the WSIP

(C) Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Regular Environmental Monitoring of WSIP and ongoing water sector projects to ensure that environmental concerns are carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the EIA of respective projects.

  • Monitoring of all the Minor/ Distributaries and Main Canal within AWBs.

  • Coordination with concerned agencies for remedial measures to control contamination/pollution in the rivers.

(E) Synchronization with International Organizations

  • To chalk out bilateral collaboration in the field of water sector environment.

  • Setting up a body comprised of civil society organizations, Sindh, EPA, WAPDA, as well as SMO/ISRIP to develop and implement better environmental and social management practices under the project.